Proof The Simpsons Predicted Pretty Much Every TV Show And Film Ever

by : UNILAD on : 15 May 2017 15:35

The Simpsons has famously ‘predicted’ Trump’s presidency, the pizza paedophile conspiracy theory, numerous celebrity deaths, and Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance.


There are so many jokes made in its 617 episodes that have come true, some say it’s just probability, though some of them are pretty creepy.

If you need anymore evidence that Matt Groening is actually the oracle, look no further than the Simpsons Films Twitter account which shows scenes from the Simpsons which were blatantly just copied and pasted into current TV shows.

Just change Marge’s hair slightly and it’s undeniably Suicide Squad


It’s like when your mate takes your essay for ‘inspiration’ and then copies the whole fucking thing.

How is there not a huge copyright case here?

It’s basically the same as when James Franco did it…

Boy listening to a walkman in class. Another obvious rip off by 13 Reasons Why.


Mmm that pie looks good.

Oh yeah and as if American Pie used a pie off their own back. It’s obvious they watched this episode and then decided to launch the franchise.

There’s no way Homer holding a bank note didn’t inspire Wolf of Wall Street, and every other film about money, ever.

The Inception one actually is kind of freaky.

Of course a scene between Lisa and Homer inspired all future father/daughter scenes in all films, because the Simpsons predicts everything remember.

Thoroughly enjoying this Twitter account taking the piss out of everyone.


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