Protester Stumps Fox News With His Answers On Police Shooting


Following the release of footage showing a Chicago cop shooting 17-year-old Laquan McDonald to death with 16 bullets last year, protesters have taken to the city’s streets to demonstrate.

Citizens are using the protests to highlight a lack of faith in the ability of police to genuinely protect and serve the community.

Fox news were at the centre of the action interviewing participants, and true to their conservative form, tried to point out hypocrisies that simply didn’t exist.

Step up Brendan Glover to sum the situation up with irrefutable logic.

Glover is asked why there is a greater level of outrage when a police officer, a man sworn to protect the community, is charged with murdering a citizen, than when it is a black on black crime. Yes they genuinely asked for the difference to be explained.

Glover calmly replied:

Crime happens. And the people that are here to serve and protect are a part of that problem. So it becomes a problem when you can’t even call 911 and feel like you’re safe to protect you from people that are committing crimes. That’s the point I’m trying to make.”

The journalist on the street accepts the answer, and even Sean Hannity says ‘That’s a good distinction. I’ll say that.’

It isnt the first time the network’s coverage of the protest has come in for criticism either.

“It’s not a question of what his constitutional rights are, it is a question of what is appropriate”. A nice convenient flip flop from Fox there to suit their own position.

If that logic was applied to all issues facing America then maybe tighter gun control laws would already be in place.