Protester Throws Tomatoes At Donald Trump Mid-Speech During Campaign Rally


Donald Trump’s campaign machine keeps on rolling along, and some people are making their feelings about that fact very clear indeed.

At his latest rally in Iowa, a group of anti-Trump protesters turned up in t-shirts that read ‘Heil Trumpler!’

But that’s not all they did…

After Trump began ranting about ‘communists’, one man decided he’d had enough and took aim with a tomato.

Unfortunately, he missed and was promptly ejected from the building before being arrested and charged with disorderly conduct.

It has since been reported that the man caught hurling the fruit in Trump’s direction was 28-year-old Andrew Joseph Alemao.

Trump attempted to take the incident in his stride.

He said to the crowd:

I like protesters. Whenever there’s a protester they turn like a pretzel.

Well, it’s a good job you like protesters Donald, because you’re probably going to see a lot more of them.