Protester Who Disrupted Donald Trump Rally Speaks Out


As political protests in Chicago continue to rage, with many claiming that controversial Republican candidate Donald Trump is not welcome in the city – one particular protester who recently tried to sabotage a Trump rally has spoken out.

On Saturday morning in Ohio, as Trump was on the edge of spouting a little more drivel about making America great again, one man tried to get onto the stage.

I imagine the visibly shaken Trump, who clutched onto his podium for dear life, understandably thought that he was about to be wiped off the planet forever, before the Secret Service rushed to protect him.

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However, in an exclusive interview with CNN, the man responsible for the panic, Thomas DiMassimo, claims he did not want to harm Trump, but was simply trying to ‘send a message’.

Speaking to CNN about whether he planned on attacking the U.S. presidential candidate, he said:

No, not at all. There would have been no point. Donald Trump is 6 foot 3. I’m 5 foot 9, maybe. He’s a giant man surrounded by thousands of followers, 12 Secret Service and a former Ohio State offensive lineman. That would have accomplished nothing.

I was thinking that I could get up on stage and take his podium away from him and take his mic away from him and send a message to all people out in the country who wouldn’t consider themselves racist, who wouldn’t consider themselves approving of what type of violence Donald Trump is allowing in his rallies, and send them a message that we can be strong, that we can find our strength and we can stand up against Donald Trump and against this new wave he’s ushering in of truly just violent white supremacist ideas.

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Thomas DiMassimo

He added:

I was thinking that Donald Trump is a bully, and he is nothing more than that. He’s opportunistic and he’s willing to destroy this country for power for himself.

However, the big man himself – Donald Trump – did not hold back either, and in true Trump-esque fashion he made a bizarre accusation that DiMassimo was in fact a member of ISIS.

Speaking to CNN about being linked to the Islamic terror group, the 22-year-old liberal protester said: 

I am not a member of ISIS. I have no known ties to ISIS. I’ve never been out of the country. I only speak English.

Trump telling lies? Surely not?