Protesters Disrupt EDL March In The Most Brilliantly British Ways


The city of Liverpool came together in a show of love and cohesion in the face of the prejudice and often hateful English Defence League (EDL) today.

What better way to teach the ignorant than to lead by example?

In response to the St George’s flag waving EDL members, Liverpool responded in numerous wonderful ways.

From the moment the the EDL arrived in the city to protest, thousands of proud Scousers waited on the streets to show them their divisive opinions were not welcome.

Then there was this wonderfully multi-coloured Union Jack, celebrating the multi-cultural society of Liverpool.

Probably the best of all the anti-fascist protest was when they started playing John Lennon’s beautiful and apt Imagine.

The EDL were reportedly heavily outnumbered and over a thousand anti-fascist protesters sat down in Liverpool city centre to stop them passing.

This guy took it to the next level.

There were some great banners and signs.

The EDL were escorted back to Lime Street station and kicked out of the city after only carrying out their protest for about an hour.

In light of recent terror attacks, it is easy to let fear divide us and pin blame on the unfamiliar.

I implore you to choose love, just like Liverpool did this afternoon.