Proud Boys Canada Dissolves Itself After Being Named Terrorist Entity

by : Daniel Richardson on : 03 May 2021 15:50
Proud Boys Canada Dissolves Itself After Being Named Terrorist Entity PA Images

The far-right political group the ‘Proud Boys Canada’ has dissolved after it was named a terrorist entity.

The Proud Boys organisation began in 2016 as a group that was designed to oppose political correctness and the issues it presented to masculinity. The group grew and began street fighting. Perhaps the most notable events they were involved in is the act of terror on the Capitol earlier this year that left five dead.


In the wake of this incident, domestic intelligence boards were increasingly concerned about the activity of the organisation. This has culminated in the Proud Boys being labelled a terrorist entity in Canada. When this classification was announced, Canada’s public safety minister, Bill Blair stated, ‘Canada will not tolerate ideological, religious or politically motivated acts of violence.’

In response to the classification, the group is now being dissolved.

Proud Boys (PA Images)PA Images

The administrator of the official Proud Boys channel on Telegram made a post that effectively disbanded the group while noting that the labels placed on them were untrue.


As per Global News, the Telegram message read:

The truth is, we were never terrorists or a white supremacy group. We are electricians, carpenters, financial advisers, mechanics, etc. More than that, we are fathers, brothers, uncles and sons.

It is unclear whether the administrator believed that white supremacy was mutually exclusive with the professions listed. Despite, the statements of the group many have viewed the actions of the Proud Boys as akin to terrorism and supportive of white supremacy.

Proud Boys (PA Images)PA Images

The group’s end may have been quickened by Royal Candian Mounted Police (RCMP), who stated that they could have the social media accounts shut down after the Proud Boys was recognised as a terrorist organisation.

Robin Percival, a spokesperson for the RCMP, commented:

If the social media app is hosted outside Canada, the RCMP can work with the host country’s law enforcement to determine whether they can provide assistance in shutting down the social media accounts or removing the content of the listed entities, working within the host country’s legal authorities.

It is unclear whether the Proud Boys were forced to remove their accounts on the Dubai-based app Telegram, but it is evident that the group did not like being considered terroists.


Moving forward, many will hope that hateful groups don’t resurface. Nonetheless, there will be concerns about groups like this reforming with different names to threaten democracy.

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    Proud Boys Canada says it was never a ‘white supremacy’ group, dissolves itself