Publisher Accidentally Tweets Dick Pic For Female Empowerment Story


Entertainment news group, The Wrap, made an almighty error on their Twitter account yesterday when they posted a dick pic on a story about hiring women and minority groups in the TV industry.

The story was all about the recently-passed legislation in New York where $5 million in tax incentives is being given out to companies to hire more female and ethnic minority employees.

But to illustrate the story, The Wrap decided to include a photo from a recent episode of ‘Girls’.


The photo, however, featured a scene that viewers would recognise from a recent episode on Lena Dunham’s award-winning show, Girls.

It’s obvious why The Wrap thought to include a picture from the show as it’s centred around a struggling female writer in New York – but, whoops, wrong scene to choose from, probably!

The tweet is thought to have been up there for a few hours before it was swiftly taken down, but not before another website had retweeted it.


Luckily Justin was on hand to give the page a cheeky ‘FYI’ though.

The Wrap have yet to officially comment on the issue.