Pudsey The Bear Pictured With Young Girl ‘With His D*ck Out’


The BBC are investigating after a Pudsey Bear appeared to have his penis on show in a photo with a seven-year-old girl. 

The girl’s horrified mum only noticed the costume’s ‘extra appendage’ after she had taken the picture reports The Mirror.

The situation took on an (even more) sinister twist when the BBC replied that the Children in Need mascot was ‘not an official fund-raiser’.

The mum, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The Sun: 

My daughter adores Pudsey. She saw him at our local shopping centre and she begged me to let her have her photo taken with him.

She said it was only when she sent the picture to her sister and she replied telling her to have another look that she realised something was wrong.


She said:

That’s when I noticed it. I was horrified. It could be they were genuinely raising money for Children in Need, but who is to say this wasn’t a paedophile using the charity suit to get near kids?

She then contacted the BBC to report the incident and a spokesperson responded with an email.


It said:

The Pudsey mascot suits are issued with guidelines on how they should be worn and used to make sure Pudsey’s appearances are appropriate.

The suits are not designed to look as this one does and we are sorry for any offence and distress this has caused.

The BBC say they are investigating the incident to try and find out more and to make sure this ‘doesn’t happen in future’.

Yeah, that’s really not the look you want when you’re raising money for kids…