Pug Left With Horrific Injuries After Being Watched By Dog Minder


WARNING: Contains distressing images

Jackson Millan

A pug placed in the care of a minder has been left with life-threatening injuries, claims his owner, who is on a manhunt to hold the dog sitter accountable. 

Jackson Millan, from Sydney, shared photographs of the infected 15cm gash his pug Otis sustained after being left in the care of a dog sitter Jackson had found online.

The dog sitter reportedly left Otis in his harness, which ‘had gross stains on it’, for three whole weeks.

The friction caused by the doggy accessory resulted in a deep cut to his throat and ‘a severe infection that could take his life’, according to his horrified owner.

Jackson Millan

Jackson shared the story on Facebook, explaining that he had repeatedly asked the dog-sitter for photographs of his pet while he was away in Brazil.

After cajoling, the carer sent a picture showing Otis wearing his harness, which Jackson said had ‘gross stains around it as if it had never been taken off’.

When the dog was taken to the vet, he claims they found a ’15cm gash across my dog’s neck from the friction of his harness for being left on for over three weeks, and a severe infection that could take his life’.

Jackson Millan

In the furious Facebook post, Jackson claimed he was told by the vet Otis’ infection ‘could be smelled from metres away’, adding ‘this monster was oblivious to the point that my dog could still die from infection’.

Jackson updated the original Facebook post to tell concerned social media users that Otis is still in critical care at the vet, and his wound is unable to be closed due to the severity of the infection.

It will almost certainly need surgery once the infection clears.

Jackson Millan (not pictured)

Jackson found the allegedly incompetent dog carer (pictured above) on a website called Mad Paws.

Alexis Soulopoulos, the CEO of Mad Paws told Daily Mail Australia:

The welfare of our clients’ pets is paramount and we are taking this issue very seriously. Mad Paws is currently investigating these claims.

Jackson Millan

Jackson (pictured above) has reported the abuse to the police and the RSPCA.

We hope Otis makes a full recovery.