Pumped Up Teacher Dives Out Of Window During Lecture On Health And Safety


Startling and bizarre footage of a teacher leaping out of a window during a lesson on dealing with emergencies has emerged online.

The over enthusiastic teacher paced around the classroom in his yellow polo shirt and chinos lecturing the class on emergencies before making his leap of faith.

The enthused teacher explained: 

What if I was going down the green belt one day and there’s a kid, the river’s really high and it’s flowing really fast – very dangerous. You’re walking and all of sudden there’s a two year old kid drowning.

Do you ‘I will save you’, or do you go ‘I could drown here’? I wanna know.”

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His class clearly confused, the teacher continues with his lecture on safety booming about staying safe in a fire while explaining whether he’d save them or himself first, The Daily Star report.

As he explains this he cries out and dives headfirst through a window causing his class to burst out in laughter.

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One kid even goes to check whether the teacher was okay before he climbs back inside the classroom and apologises to the children before the footage ends.

Quite what the kids were supposed to get from this lesson we don’t know but it was jolly entertaining…