Purge 4 Will Be Set When The First Purge Began

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The first details of the new Purge film have been released and we’d kill for it to be released already!

Writer James DeMonaco has revealed the fourth instalment, Purge: Island, will take things back to the beginning, a prequel to the previous films. Origin stories are so hot right now.

Set years before the first film, this instalment will tell the story of the first ever experimental Purge night which took place on Staten Island.

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DeMonaco told Vulture:

It takes place on Staten Island which is cool — the first experimental Purge.

Next July 4, it’ll be coming.

I think of all the movies, it’s definitely the most topical.

It really is a creepy reflection of what’s happening right now.

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If you are unfamiliar with the Purge series, the films are set in a world which holds an annual ‘Purge Night’ – a 12-hour period where all criminal acts are legal, minus a couple of exceptions.

The films are predominantly horrors but also tackle strong themes such as class and racial warfare.

The most recent of the bunch, Purge: Election Year, was heralded for being reflective of America – it was released at the same time Trump was campaigning to get to the White House.

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DeMonaco, who directed the previous three films, has handed over the role to Gerard McMurray for the fourth installment, but revealed what we can expect from Purge: Island:

I think Island is the most crowd-pleasing of the films. It’s so kick ass in its third act.

What’s fun, too, is there’s an anti-hero. More than the previous films, there’s a singular hero in this movie.

This is one man’s journey, William, an anti-hero inspired by Eastwood in Unforgiven, so it’s this very cool, modern, kind of bad-ass who redeems himself through the story.

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As well as working on Purge: Island, DeMonaco is also working on the TV show, which will be set about seven or eight years after the first purge, saying:

There’s so much political craziness in this world that there’s always more purging to be done.

Looks like this franchise won’t be over anytime soon then.

Purge: Island will be released in America on Independence Day, July 4 2018.