Putin Ally Posts ‘Assassination Threat’ To Opposition Leaders In Shocking Video

by : UNILAD on : 01 Feb 2016 14:16
Instagram/Ramzan Kadyrov

One of Vladimir Putin’s closest allies has posted a bizarre video showing two of the president’s opposition targeted by an ‘assassin’s gun’.


The shocking footage was put on Instagram by Ramzan Kadyrov, head of Chechnya and massive loyalist to Putin.

It shows Mikhail Kasyanov and writer Vladimir Kara-Murza as if they are being targeted by a sniper, with the caption: “Kasyanov went to Strasburg for money for Russian opposition. THOSE WHO DON’T GET IT, WILL GET IT.”


Kara-Murza claimed that he was victim of a similar poisoning to Alexander Litvinenko, but miraculously survived. The day before he was struck down, he apparently received a similar message.

Instagram/Ramzan Kadyrov

He said:

My vital organs began to fail, one by one: lungs, liver, kidneys, one after another like a cascade. The doctors told my wife I only had a five per cent chance of survival.

Opposition leader Ilya Yashin believes the post was a ‘direct threat of murder to Kasyanov’.

Ex-deputy premier Boris Nemtsov was gunned down outside the Kremlin last year and Kadyrov was questioned by state investigators over the assassination.

AP/Musa Saduayev

He has since been cleared.

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