Putin Can’t Stop Laughing At Meeting About Exporting Pork To Muslim Country

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Vladimir Putin was filmed breaking down in fits of laughter at a minister’s idea of exporting pork to Indonesia.

Alexander Tkachyov, Russia’s agriculture minister, wants to export pork to Indonesia, which is a Muslim country.

Video footage of Putin’s giggles went viral when the original tweet with the footage was retweeted more than a thousand times. Local media covered the incident and uploads on YouTube got hundreds of thousands of views.

Have a look in the footage below:

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According to the Telegraph, Tkachyov was presenting a report at the meeting – which was about agricultural development – when he ‘put his foot in his mouth’, which set Putin and other world officials, off laughing.

Mr Tkachyov had suggested Russia should follow Germany’s example and increase their pork exports to Asia.

The minister said:

Let’s say Germany produces 5.5 million tonnes of pork a year, three million of that is exported. To all countries and first of all China, Indonesia, part to Japan, Korea and so on.

He continued speaking about growing pork production in the far east but was forced to stop when he noticed the president and deputy prime minister – Arkady Dvorkovich -laughing at his comments.

Putin said:

Indonesia is a Muslim country, they do not eat pork there.

Mr Tkachov then joked; ‘they will’, before the president said: ‘No, they will not.’

‘Okay, South Korea,’ Mr Tkachyov responded, as he attempted to continue on with his report, despite the ongoing giggles in the room.

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‘What’s the difference?’ the minister said a few seconds after, as more giggles broke out.

Mr Putin was laughing so hard he had to cover his face with his hands at one point.

At a question-and-answer session back in June, which was moderated by American journalist Megyn Kelly, Mr Putin drew laughs from the audience arguing US allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election were ‘some kind of hysteria’, writes the Telegraph.

Laughter continued and Mr Putin asked:

Do we need to give you a pill? Does anyone have a pill?

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Last month, Russian media RT stated the country’s agricultural sector was ‘booming’ after China and Venezuela planned to increase imports of Russian wheat.

According to the report, Russia is expecting a ‘record grain crop’ this year, exceeding the numbers from 1978.

RT wrote how four thousand tons of spring wheat will be delivered to China from Russia’s Novosibirsk region, the first batch of wheat purchased by China’s largest food processor COFCO.


Putin is often stern and hard-faced but he’s known for a ‘sense of humour’ at times.

If you needed proof the controversial Russian leader was something of an oddball, then you should check out this video of him playing the piano and singing Blueberry Hill:

I’m not quite sure what I find so troubling about the performance, but I do find it troubling.

Putin is one off the most powerful people on the planet and seeing him playing the piano and singing just kind of gives me the creeps.