Putin Has A Chilling Warning About North Korea


With all the tension in the world between Donald Trump’s America and Kim Jong-un’s North Korea, it seems peculiar Russian President Vladimir Putin would inject some words of wisdom – but nice one Vlad!

He’s warned the POTUS and the rest of his administration, the continuing hostility between the two nations was close to deteriorating into a ‘large-scale conflict’.

Putin’s response….the only way to de-escalate tensions was through talks – North Korea and America, I hope you’re listening!


Putin’s Russia share a border with North Korea and also warned it would be a mistake to try to pressure Pyongyang into halting its nuclear missile programme, according to The Independent.

On the Kremlin’s website, Putin wrote:

It is essential to resolve the region’s problems through direct dialogue involving all sides without advancing any preconditions (for such talks).

Provocations, pressure, and bellicose and offensive rhetoric is the road to nowhere.

Russian foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov has echoed Putin’s comments, saying Washington should take the initiative on constructive talks to reduce tensions between the countries.


Putin’s comments continued:

In Russia’s opinion the calculation that it is possible to halt North Korea’s nuclear missile programs exclusively by putting pressure on Pyongyang is erroneous and futile.

The warning from the Russian president comes after Pyongyang fired a ballistic missile – it flew directly over Japan before landing in the Pacific Ocean.

As the misile headed towards Japan, the United States and South Korea were conducting joint military exercises – despite North Korea consistently denouncing them as an act of aggression.

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Pyongyang have also threatened to surround the US territory of Guam, with a ‘ring of fire’.

They’ve reportedly said they’ll launch four missiles, aimed at hitting the sea around the tiny island, which is home to US military bases.

Kim Jong-un called the country’s latest missile test over ‘a meaningful prelude to containing Guam’, saying his country should conduct more missile tests into the Pacific Ocean.

Trump responded by saying the US had been ‘talking to North Korea and paying them extortion money, for 25 years’:

Talking is not the answer!

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I guess we’ll just have to sit here and wait until the next move is made!