Putin Has Just Banned Prisoners From Using Naughty Words

by : UNILAD on : 15 Jan 2016 09:47

Vladimir Putin isn’t a big fan of swearing apparently…

Under a new bizarre rule being imposed by the country’s Justice Ministry, inmates at prisons across Russia will be banned from speaking in prison slang known as fenya, the Interfax news agency reported.

In more specific terms, detainees will not be allowed to communicate with one another in ‘threatening, insulting, defamatory language or slang’ according to Mashable.

Alexander Demianchuk/Tass

Apparently fenya has been around for decades and some terms have even come into play in modern Russian language as prisoners are released.

However, it remains unclear on how this new rule with be enforced and what sort of punishment awaits those who offend.


This is part of a national crack down on the use of fenya, after a similar rule was introduced in 2013 to stop prison guards from speaking in the slag to each other and inmates.

Putin also signed a law banning all swearing in films, television broadcasts, theatres and the media back in 2014. But there was confusion on what counted as a swear word, with individuals and organisations guilty of doing so facing sizeable fines.

AP/Yuri Tutov

I really can’t see how they’re going to make this happen…

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