QAnon Believers Are Convinced That John F. Kennedy Jr. Was At MAGA Rally

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 28 Jun 2021 15:01
QAnon Believers Are Convinced That John F Kennedy Jr. Was At MAGA RallyPA

Some QAnon-ers believe that John F. Kennedy Jr. was at a MAGA rally, despite the fact he died over two decades ago.

The so-called Kennedy look-alike was spotted at the weekend during the rally in Wellington, Ohio.


The rally was the first to be hosted by Donald Trump since leaving office in January, marking the beginning of the former POTUS’ multi-state tour.

Hundreds of Trump supporters flocked to the event on Saturday, June 26, including a man named Vincent Fusca. Several photos of Fusca and other rally attendees have surfaced online, with many claiming that the man is John F. Kennedy Jr.

Fusca, who boasts 161,000 followers on Twitter, has a bio on the site that reads, ‘Loving husband, father, patriot, and Trump supporter with an undying love for this great nation!’


While most people know and understand that the real Kennedy died in a plane crash in 1999, some QAnon-ers believe that the late journalist and lawyer will re-emerge after faking his death and help Trump rule the US.

Some social media users claim Fusca hasn’t denied that he’s Kennedy, and simply ‘dodges the question’ whenever he’s asked about it.

Others have been quick to point out that Fusca is very obviously not Kennedy, however. One person wrote on Twitter, ‘QAnon nut cases are so far removed from reality that they believe Vincent Fusca is actually the late JFK Jr. It’s funny but also frightening because these nut jobs are allowed to vote, operate motor vehicles, and own firearms.’


Another person said, ‘JFK Jr. is dead and has been dead for 22 years. Even if he was still alive, there’s no way in hell a Kennedy would be a MAGA clown. No way in sh*tting hell.’

A third tweeted, ‘The #QAnonCult believers think Vincent Fusca is JFK Jr. JFK Jr is on the left. Vincent Fusca is on the right. Any questions? Honestly, even if Vincent were the spitting image of JFK Jr. who *in their right mind* would think JFK Jr. would be a Trump supporter?’


While Trump obviously didn’t discuss anything about John F. Kennedy Jr. during his rally speech, he did take aim at Republican Anthony Gonzalez whom he branded a ‘sell-out’ and a ‘fake Republican’. Gonzalez voted in favour of Trump’s second impeachment, POLITICO reports.

Trump is expected to visit the US-Mexico border and Florida as part of his ongoing, multi-state tour.

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