QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Shocked To Realise They’ve Been Lied To

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QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Shocked To Realise They've Been Lied ToPA Images

QAnon conspiracy theorists have been left shocked and disappointed after the big reveal they had been expecting at the end of Donald Trump’s presidency never materialised.

The conspiracists, who believe a disproven theory that Donald Trump is in a secret war with a clan of elite, Satan-worshipping paedophiles, had been anticipating that Trump would disrupt the inauguration with the help of the military.


Taking to Telegram, the social media platform most used by QAnon conspiracists, many of the theory’s influencers had been hyping what they deemed as ‘Popcorn Day’, when Trump would institute mass arrests against a supposed elite ring of paedophiles.

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Alex Kaplan, a senior researcher at watchdog Media Matters, documented the changing positions of the theorists on Twitter as the slow realisation set in that Trump would in fact, not even be present at the inauguration, let alone charge in and cause mass disruption.

One of the biggest QAnon channels Telegram wrote: ‘It simply doesn’t make sense that we all got played.’


Ahead of Biden taking the oath, many theorists pointed out the number of flags behind Trump as he gave his final speech. There were 17 flags, which they believe alluded to the theory, as Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet. One user urged fellow believers to ‘pray’ because the next five hours would ‘determine the fate of the world’.

Kaplan also posted screenshots of a poll, in which theorists had predicted the course of events for the inauguration.

The poll showed that a remarkable 21% of people believed Biden would be arrested before being sworn in as the 46th president.


Conspiracy Theorists Believe Joe Biden’s Situation Room Photo Is Fake

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33% of people believed that Biden would be sworn in but Trump and the military have a plan coming in the near future.

As it became clear that the ‘Popcorn Day’ theory had not materialised, Telegram chatrooms showed a clear divide, between those who finally accepted Trump’s presidency was over, and others who urged people to keep the faith, and continue believing in QAnon.

Some went as far as to say Biden was also part of the conspiracy, and that Biden could still use inauguration day to prove the theory as correct.


Others also looked for evidence of their conspiracy in farewell messages from Eric Trump’s farewell message. According to the theorists, his closing words, ‘the best is yet to come’, indicates that their theory could still be proven.

Supporters of the QAnon movement were among the hundreds of violent rioters that stormed the US Capitol building on January 6 in a bid to halt the confirmation of Joe Biden’s presidential win.

After several prominent QAnon members were photographed inside the building wearing QAnon-themed clothing and flying banners, Twitter took the decision to suspend more than 70,000 accounts related to the movement.


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