QAnon Has Yet Another Plan To Try And Win The Election For Trump

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 10 May 2021 16:36
QAnon Have Yet Another Plan To Try And Win The Election For TrumpPA

Just when you thought QAnon believers had given up hope of the 2020 election results being overturned, they come back fighting with yet another plan.

QAnon supporters in Arizona have recently filed a lawsuit to the state’s Supreme Court calling for all elected officials to be removed from their officers immediately, and for election results dating back to 2018 to be invalidated.


They also want to take the places of elected officials that have been removed at their request.

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The petition filed on Friday, May 7, claims that those elected from 2018 up until now are ‘inadvertent usurpers’ and only won their elections because the vote-counting equipment used at the time wasn’t properly certified.

Part of the lawsuit reads, as per VICE News:


When in the past, citizens have been appointed by the Governor to finish out a Senate term due to unusual circumstances, the Governor has typically chosen pedigreed, well known politicians, but this is not necessary. Any Arizona resident meeting the minimum qualifications is entitled to and has the right be appointed to a seat in unusual situations.

The lawsuit comes in the wake of a vote audit taking place in Maricopa County, sanctioned by the Republican party, where over two million votes from November are being recounted.

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According to VICE, Florida-based firm Cyber Ninjas, which is conducting the audit, has been using UV lights to look for watermarks that conspiracy theorists claim were placed on certain ballots by former POTUS Donald Trump to catch out cheaters. Reportedly Cyber Ninjas has no experience in conducting an audit.


As of last week, Cyber Ninjas had been checking ballots for bamboo fibres after conspiracy theories alleged that thousands of votes for Biden were flown in from Asia.

While many QAnon supports have tied the audit to their theories, Republican Senate president, Karen Fann, said the audit has nothing to do with Trump and the ongoing claims that he won the election.

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She said on Saturday, May 8, as per the Independent, ‘Everybody keeps saying, oh, there’s no evidence and it’s like, yeah, well let’s do the audit and if there’s nothing there, then we say look, there was nothing there. If we find something, and it’s a big if, but if we find something, then we can say, OK, we do have evidence and now how do we fix this.’


It was initially said the audit would take just 60 days, but it’s now expected it will continue through to July.

Grant Woods, a former Republican attorney general who became a Democrat during Trump’s presidency, said, ‘They lost and they can’t get over it.’

‘And they don’t want to get over it because they want to continue to sow doubt about the election,’ he added.

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