QAnon Thinks Bill Gates Divorced Melinda Because She Was Replaced By Male Clone

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QAnon Thinks Bill Gates Divorced Melinda Because She Was Replaced By Male ClonePA Images

QAnon believers are having a field day with the news of Bill Gates’ divorce, as they’re now spreading the theory the couple split because Melinda Gates was replaced by a male clone. 

Because what other reason could there be for two people to go their separate ways?


The billionaire couple announced their split on Monday, May 3, following 27 years of marriage, writing in court documents that the relationship was ‘irretrievably broken’ and explaining on Twitter that they ‘no longer believe we can grow together as a couple’.

Bill and Melinda Gates (PA Images)PA Images

While the pair aren’t likely to share all the ins and outs of their relationship, it seems clear that they grew apart and therefore no longer want to remain married. That’s not quite a good enough explanation for QAnoners though, who took to platforms such as Gab and Telegram to share their own thoughts on the matter.

One QAnon believer, cited by The Independent, wrote, ‘The current version of ‘Melinda’ Gates is a dude, change my mind.’ Responding to the news of the divorce, another QAnoner wrote, ‘I bet he’s upset… And Bill too.’


One tweet addressing the matter read, ‘Are we sure, to a medical degree, that @melindagates is not a man? Enquiring minds wanna know!’

Mike Rothschild, who has written a book on QAnon, tweeted, ‘Because I know you’re curious, and no, I’m not screenshotting any of it, the QAnon take on Bill and Melinda Gates splitting up is either that she’s already been replaced by a male clone, it’s a strategy to protect his money after he’s arrested, or she’s leaving him for Fauci.’


Responding to the bizarre claims, one Twitter user stressed that the belief Melinda had been replaced by a man in turn suggested that a woman could not have ‘money or power’ unless they subscribed to the conspiracy theorists’ ‘alternative reality’.

QAnon is known for peddling a range of wild theories and has previously targeted Gates with accusations that he inserted tracking technology into coronavirus vaccines, so it’s no surprise that he’s in the spotlight again following the news of his divorce.


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One theory suggests that Melinda has been having an affair with Dr Anthony Fauci, the US leading infectious disease expert, and claims she is leaving Gates to be with a ‘real doctor’.

Bill Gates (PA Images)PA Images

Gates, who made his money through co-founding Microsoft in the 1970s, has previously described conspiracy theorists as ‘crazy and evil’, telling Reuters, ‘Nobody would have predicted that I and Dr Fauci would be so prominent in these really evil theories. I’m very surprised by that. I hope it goes away.’

The pair, who run The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, have pledged to continue working together at the foundation once their divorce is finalised.

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