Quality Street Bring Back Toffee Deluxe For Christmas

Quality Street

As we near the end of October, I believe it’s high time to get excited about Christmas.

Anyone who makes fun of you for you for doing some important Christmas jumper research can just do one at this stage but of course, this means it’s time to get excited about all the delish Christmas grub which is now being sleighed into every shop.

As we all know, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a big box of Quality Street to devour while binging through all your old Christmas movie DVDs and this year, there’s an extra little treat…

The Toffee Deluxe is finally back in the box, after last year being replaced by the too-delicious-to-begrudge imposter, the Honeycomb Crunch.

This disconcerting shift – orchestrated to mark the treat tin’s 80th birthday – sent many a family into a pit of dismay.

The Toffee Deluxe had been around since 1919 and has been a staple of the Quality Street tin since 1936 – who in the name of St Nicholas and all his reindeer was this cocky little upstart, Honeycomb Crunch?!

Now all fears can be quelled and it should be a jolly Christmas all round.

Not only is the Toffee Deluxe coming back, the Honeycomb Crunch is staying.

This makes for the greatest number of different varieties in the choccy tin since 2012. Scrumptious news…

Quality Street spokesman Jonathan Smith made the following statement:

Quality Street is a brand that is all about bringing families and friends together through the love of each person’s individual favourite sweet.

We are delighted to be keeping both sweets in the assortment and giving consumers even more choice, moving from 12 to 13 different sweets overall.

It's A Wonderful Life / RKO Radio Pictures

Unsurprisingly, festive chocoholics everywhere are delighted.

A Christmas miracle indeed.