Queen Sends Important Secret Message With Her Handbag In Photo

Honourable George Brandis, the Australian High Commissioner to the UK the Queen Elizabeth II 2PA

Like the stylish, ladylike person she is, Queen Elizabeth II is never without her Launer handbag; usually perfectly matching the tone with her outfit.

However, the 92-year-old monarch’s bag is way more than simply a means to keep her style game stronger than Kate or Meghan’s.

Wiley Liz can use her handbag as her own personal bat signal; alerting staff when she’s stuck in awkward or dull situations and in need of an escape route.

I think we all could do with a magic handbag like this at one time or another…

As a notoriously shy person who has had to make more small talk in her life than even the biggest chatterbox could handle, this is kind of understandable.

Look, Queen Elizabeth has got places to go and corgis to pet; she doesn’t have time to listen to the fawning and boasting of an endless stream of pompous lords.

And so she has devised a very cunning – and perfectly discreet – exit strategy, according to The Australian.

Check out the outdoorsy Queen discuss her passion for nature below:

Basically, if and when you find yourself chatting with the Queen in Buckingham Palace’s Audience Room; it’s possibly a good idea to check the position of her handbag.

If she has placed her handbag on a chair, you are golden. Elizabeth is perfectly comfortable around you and is delighting in your dazzling conversation about horses and kilts.

If she has placed her handbag on the table, then maybe check your commoner tongue hasn’t been slipping some republican ideas into the light chit-chat.

The tabletop handbag means the Queen is bored of you and is politely letting her staff know it’s time to begin the curtsies and goodbyes.


However, if the Queen has plopped her bag on the floor then you best start praying she isn’t planning to roast you with one of her dragons.

A floored handbag essentially means the conversation couldn’t have gone any worse if you had literally used her crown as a doorstop.

She is sending a very clear message to her staff she is sick of your common backside and wants to make an exit sharpish.

Basically, you have royally fudged it my friend, and don’t expect her to be laying the china teacups out for you any time soon.

Luckily for Australia’s new High Commissioner George Brandis, it appears Her Majesty likes his company.

During his first ever visit to the Audience Room, the Queen’s trademark Lauder bag could be seen rested on one of her golden armchairs.


Royal fans were also delighted to spot how the proud grandma had placed a sweet, framed photograph of Prince Harry and his new wife, Meghan the Duchess of Sussex on the table.

Like most nanas, I’m sure watching her grandson Harry tie the knot was one of the happiest days of her life and this was a nice reminder of the family bonds behind all the regal pomp and ceremony.

Nice work, George!

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