Queensland Police Abandon ‘Murder’ Investigation After Discovering ‘Victim’ Is Actually Realistic Sex Doll

by : Lucy Connolly on : 16 May 2020 09:51
Queensland Police Abandon 'Murder' Investigation After Discovering 'Victim' Is Actually Realistic Sex Doll7 News

Police in Australia have abandoned an investigation into a mysterious ‘death’ after discovering the so-called victim was actually an extremely realistic-looking sex doll.

Law enforcement officials initially expressed concern about the ‘body’, which was found wrapped in a blanket on a trail off the Bruce Highway in North Queensland on Friday, May 15.


They responded to reports at around 7am and quickly established a perimeter before temporarily closing the highway, which is located just under four miles south of Bowen, and confirming an investigation was underway.

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The investigation was wrapped up pretty quickly, however, when forensic experts realised the ‘body’ was actually a sex doll called Naomi, according to a user manual also found at the scene.

‘Forensic officers commenced investigations which have concluded the body is a life-like replica doll of a human,’ Queensland Police said in a statement.


Law enforcement officials confirmed the crime scene that was put in place had been ‘disbanded’ and added: ‘Officers will continue investigations into the origins of the doll.’

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A source told The Courier-Mail, as per the New York Post, that the doll had animal brains and blood surrounding it, as though it had been set up like a gruesome crime scene.

Queensland Police shared their insights on their Facebook page yesterday, with several people speculating the whole thing was a prank. While some found it funny, others described it as a ‘waste of police time’.


One person wrote, ‘Wow what a waste of time and resources… still glad no one was hurt,’ while another said: ‘Someone wasting police time and valuables resources. They would be the first to complain when they need assistance and the police are unable to respond immediately. They should be ashamed, not proud.’

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Others praised the police for investigating the situation so thoroughly even though it turned out to be a sex doll, with one person writing: ‘You can’t be too careful. It could have been a crime. Well done and a relief.’

Thankfully, the crime scene wasn’t real and nobody was hurt, but if it was some elaborate prank and the police were called out to the scene just for a ‘laugh’, the person or people responsible should be held accountable.


Especially when they’re sending out forensic officers and detectives to investigate, therefore wasting valuable resources. Police are investigating the source of the doll though, so hopefully they’ll get some answers soon.

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