Quids In, There Could Be Two More Nazi Gold Trains Hidden In Poland


Last week, two men claimed they’d found the fabled ‘Nazi Gold Train‘, and now one historian has upped the stakes again and said there could actually be three treasure-laden trains hidden in a secret network of tunnels in Poland.

It’s believed that a single train carrying millions of pounds worth of bullion (gold bars) had been discovered, but now historian and treasure hunter Krzyszof Szpakowski says that the find could be even more significant, claiming there could be two more Nazi Gold Trains.

He claims three Nazi trains disappeared soon after leaving Wroclaw during the closing stages of World War Two, stating they were deliberately hidden by the Germans to avoid capture by the Russians.


Szpakowski gave a presentation to reporters which included maps, diagrams and radar imaging to prove that a secret underground network of tunnels had been found in the hills of Lower Silesia, where he suspects the trio of trains could be hidden.

He said:

I can’t say you’ll find a chamber full of amber, or a gold train, but we know three trains left Wroclaw including two armoured, and one carrying deposits. There could be three trains from World War Two hidden within these tunnels.


The ‘Riese Project’ tunnels were constructed between 1943 and 1945 using the labour of prisoners of war and prisoners of concentration camps.

Walbrzych town officials added:

We have no doubt that something is down in the structures, and will work as fast as possible to discover what it is. We will use radar and inspect the layout of the tunnels.

If true, the find would result in a lot of people being very rich indeed!