Racist Girl Chats Sh*t And Gets Banged In Brutal Twitter Video


As the great prophet Jamie Vardy once foretold – if you chat shit, you will get banged.

This girl really didn’t heed that warning and, boy, did she pay the price for being a moronic racist.

In a video uploaded to Twitter by @aleeyah405, she delivered some brutal street justice to the girl who called her a ‘n*****’ and then showed no sign of remorse.

Warning: This is one hell of a punch.

That is a brutal connection!

@aleeyah405 is modest though, and did not want to take all the credit for her striking skills.

While violence should never be promoted as a first course of action, the girl who is probably still trying to work out what day it is, was pretty much asking for it.

She was presented with a brief opportunity to take back what she said but she chose to stand by her prejudice – a very bad decision.

Seriously, Dana White needs to take a look at this girl. With punching power like that she belongs in the UFC.