Racist ‘Pokemon’ Card Stickers Have Been Appearing In London

by : UNILAD on : 21 Nov 2016 15:55

The most unacceptable and abhorrent mock Pokemon stickers, under the name ‘Pakémon’ have been spotted by ‘disgusted’ commuters across London.


The racist and Islamophobic posters, which feature well-known Muslims such as Sadiq Khan, have appeared at tube stations and bus stops.

Branded by the slogan ‘gotta catch and deport them all’, the bigoted cards mimic the cartoon’s famous tagline ‘gotta catch ’em all’.


One Twitter user, Anti Jihadi Frog, appears to be using #pakemon a lot, giving regular updates on the cards, as well as having one of the posters as his cover photo.


The user is inciting severe racial hatred and describes himself as having ‘an acute case of Islamonausea (fucking sick of Islams piss poor behaviour)’.

Far Right Twitter accounts have been openly sharing photos, urging people to collect and swap them.


A spokesman for British Transport Police said:

British Transport Police is committed to preventing incidents of hate crime and prejudice and all incidents of this nature are investigated thoroughly.

Everyone has the right to travel on the rail network without fear or intimidation. Racially or religiously motivated crime will simply not be tolerated.


One of the stickers cites London Mayor Sadiq Khan as ‘Probably the most dangerous Pakémon, Hamaskhan believes that Londoners should learn to accept Islamic terrorism whilst he is mayor’.

Barack Obama is featured as ‘the USA’s Muslim in Chief’, along with countless other forms of racial abuse and stereotypes.


There has been a reported increase in racism since Brexit and these stickers are viewed as evidence that people feel more and more comfortable expressing racist and Islamophobic views, the Metro reports.

We have to stand together against such prejudice and hatred, let’s not regress. If you see a sticker, you can report it by texting the BTP on 61016.

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    Racist ‘Pakémon’ stickers appear around London