Radio Presenter Shuts Down Racist Caller In The Best Way Possible

by : UNILAD on : 31 Jan 2016 15:20

In an age where the most anti-Muslim bloke in the world genuinely has a chance of becoming President of the U.S, it was only a matter of time before the general public started preaching their hatred too.


A load of these Islamophobic morons are now crawling out of the woodwork with uneducated and pretty ridiculous racist rants about Muslims, and this latest one is particularly disgusting.

Speaking of idiots, we introduce ‘Ryan’ from Sunderland. He spoke to Cristo Foufas on LBC to explain why he thinks every single Muslim shouldn’t be allowed into Britain and it’s fair to say he had some pretty, let’s say, strong views on the refugee crisis.

During the broadcast, Ryan tells Cristo that ‘every Muslim is a maggot’, that they are ‘parasites’ and that they come to the UK ‘on the scrounge’. Just, wow.


He then goes on to label the refugees who are drowning, attempting to reach safety away from their war-torn countries as ‘selfish’ and doesn’t believe any Muslim is able to live well in British society. No empathy, no sympathy, no brain cells.

Ryan’s simple message to Muslims living in the UK was, ‘pack your bags, go back to your own country’. Oh, but don’t worry he doesn’t hate all religions. He doesn’t mind a Sikh man named Mr Singh, who runs a local corner shop near his home and he thinks Jews are okay too.

Cristo lets Ryan continue on his xenophobic rant for a few painful minutes before offering an incredible reply.

First, he manages to clarify that Ryan’s ‘bigotry’ is just about Muslims and, after that, tells him that his generalisation and pure stupidity is down to his ‘lack of education’.

He then goes on to tell him to spend more time reading newspapers so he wouldn’t come across as a total and utter fool. Just, brilliant. But the best is yet to come.


Just when you think Cristo can’t take him down any more, the last bit of their exchange puts the last glorious nail in the coffin.

Cristo says:

‘Every Muslim is a maggot’ – you were careful to point this out. The Muslim that may have treated you at hospital, the Muslim that may have educated your children, the Muslim that may have sold you something at the corner shop, the Muslim that may have been here and contributed and worked all of their lives in order to make a better life for themselves, and to pay taxes here in the UK – you would call them a maggot?

Ryan responds: “Yeah.” To which Cristo concludes, “You’re an idiot.”

Cristo, take a bow mate.

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