Rainbow Six Siege Expansion Has Landed With Free Map And Operators


The first of four planned expansions for Rainbow Six Siege is now with us, and the fittingly titled Operation Black Ice has all kinds of treats in store for players, including a couple of cool freebies.

Ubisoft’s post launch campaign is largely committed to delivering free maps, so as not to split the community based on those who can afford new content and those who can’t. Black Ice‘s new map is called Yacht, and is set (funnily enough) aboard a yacht.

Along with the frosty new map, Black Ice has also made two new Operators available; Frost and Buck.

These two Canadian spec-ops will be available for everyone to unlock from February 9 (either through in-game credits or real world cash dolla) while Season Pass holders should already have them to enjoy.

Operation Black Ice will also offer new weapon skins, a new tactical item called the leg trap, and the addition of a spectator camera for all platforms in custom games.