Ramsay Bolton Is Playing Adolf Hitler In His Next Role


Now that Ramsay Bolton died in a blaze of violence and gore, Iwan Rheon needs another epic cast of television characters to terrorise.

Westeros is finally free of the phallus-cutting, mind-fucking, horror-inducing evil embodied by Ramsay Bolton.

So Iwan Rheon, the 31-year-old Welsh actor who so expertly portrayed pure evil throughout the first six seasons of Game Of Thrones has a little time on his hands.

Album cover or asshole…

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But Rheon has not throw himself into philanthropy to repent for his character’s sins, as you might expect.

Nor has he decided to tread the moral high ground of acting by playing a comedic character with a lighter side or some great and noble person in a nice biopic…


Rheon has taken on the role of the most hated man in history; the man responsible for one of the most horrifying genocides of our time.

He’s decided to play Adolf Hitler, in his formative years, as he struggles to place himself among the artistic elite of Europe… And, as the history books state, fails miserably.

Rheon stars alongside Rupert Grint in the eagerly-awaited Sky Arts series, Urban Myths.


The not-quite-factual programme examines urban folklore – the legends we pass down through generations – and reinterprets their narratives with a bizarre black humour that promises to make you laugh until you cry.

Whatever his motivations, you can pretty much guarantee Rheon will nail a young and pitiful Adolf.