Rapper Daz Dillinger Wants Crips To ‘F*ck Up’ Kanye West

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West Coast gangsta rap legend, Daz Dillinger, has put out a warning to Kayne West to stay out of LA and has given instructions to gangs in the area to ‘f*ck up’ the megastar on site.

This is possibly in response to ‘Ye’s recent rumblings on Twitter since returning to the social media platform.

While he’s been ‘Very Kayne West’ about things, the Chicago-born rapper has created a media storm after he tweeted his admiration for US President, Donald Trump.

Like everything the overconfident Mr West does, it’s created a lot of reaction – mostly negative. Everyone from fans to celebrities have weighed-in on his comments, which have seemingly rubbed people up the wrong way, culminating in a picture of him wearing the controversial MAGA hat, (Make America Great Again) signed by Trump himself.

One person not feeling Kanye’s ‘new direction’ is rapper and producer Daz Dillinger.

Some of you young whippersnappers reading this are probably scratching your head asking yourself ‘Who the hell is Daz Dillinger?’.

Firstly I hate you all, stop listening to hip-hop, you don’t deserve it and two, he’s one-half of the iconic Dogg Pound group, along with fellow member, Kurupt.

A quick hip-hop history 101 will tell you Daz (along with Kurupt) were a part of one of hip-hop’s most iconic record labels, Death Row – the label home to Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and 2Pac.

Daz had a hand in Snoop and 2Pac’s biggest hits, producing songs like Ambitionz Az a Ridah and 2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted.

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Daz has clearly taken issue with Yeezy’s views and shared a video on social media with his ‘theory’ as to why Mr West appears to have gone off the reservation.

In his video he says:

It’s like, we all in one boat, and they killing all of us, and he jump over there and say, ‘Master. I’m on your side master. I got all the information. I’m with you master Trump.

He even compares the rapper – whose string of hits is so long you can dedicate another article alone to it – to Samuel L. Jackson’s character Stephen from Quentin Tarintino’s Django Unchained.

Daz goes on to say:

A national alert. All the Crips out there, ya’ll fuck Kanye up. You see that motherfucker, fuck his ass up on GP.

Better not ever see you around the LBC, better not ever see you around California. Stay in Calabasas.

Since coming out in support of President Trump, celebrities and members of the hip-hop community have spoken out against West.

Artists such as Snoop, Questlove from The Roots, Nipsey Hussle, Janelle Monáe and John Legend are among those who’ve voiced their concern for his views.

Amid all the posturing on Twitter, the egomaniacal rapper released a new song, Ye vs. the People, featuring T.I, in which he raps:

Y’all been leadin’ with hate, see I just approach it different

Like a gang truce, the first Blood to shake the Crip’s hand.

There’s a possibility it was this line which sparked Daz to call out Kanye in the first place.

Gangs in LA are said to be quite wary of outsiders who ‘appropriate’ their culture – almost to the point of intimidation.

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