Rapper Shot In Head With AK-47, Makes This Video Before Going To Hospital


Imagine getting shot – your first reaction would probably be to get yourself straight to hospital, or call 999. Well not for Compton rapper Teriq Royal.

When he was shot by a bullet, he posted on Facebook about the shocking incident – before taking himself to hospital.

Not only did Royal manage to upload a photo of the incident, he also put a pretty lengthy description about what had happened too.


He wrote:

We living in some dark days, we wasn’t even his targets, he was just trigger happy.

I was in shock when I filmed this, 3 bullet fragments on my skull, could have pierced my brain. I’m just blessed to see another day and rap about it.

Thankfully, the rapper is ok after eventually making it to hospital, but will have three bullet fragments on his eye for the rest of his life.