Rare Northern White Rhino Dies, Leaving Only 4 In The World

Hynek Glos : Dvur Kralove Zoo : Via Khalil BaalbakiHynek Glos/Dvur Kralove Zoo

Sad news from the animal kingdom, an extremely rare northern white rhino has died, leaving only four left in the world.

Nabire the rhino, from the Dvůr Králové Zoo in the Czech Republic, passed away age 31, after suffering from a ruptured cyst.

The female was one of only five left in the world. There remains three more females and one male, but all of the females are past reproductive age.


The northern white rhino, a subspecies, has been on the brink of extinction for a while, as a result of poaching and habitat loss.

Researchers hope to create more through IVF, artificially fertilising an egg, which would be transplanted into a southern white rhinoceros, the northern white’s nearest relative.

We keep our fingers crossed that this can actually be successful!