Rat The Size Of A Dog Chases Binman Down The Street In Plymouth

Ben Landricombe:SWNS copyBen Landricombe/SWNS

If you’re in the Plymouth area, watch out for giant rats, rats the size of dogs – they are everywhere.

Well, maybe not everywhere, but they are somewhere, at least.

Local binman Ben Landricombe, 34, found this monster behind a bin, and claims he was chased down the street by a rat the size of a dog, The Sun reports.

Ben said:

This latest one is over a foot long I reckon.

It is huge but I have seen this size and possibly even bigger in the last couple months. They are definitely getting bigger.

Also they are not afraid of you as they used to be – I got chased by one.

One came after me. I just went behind the bin and tried to shoo it away.

It then went for me. They are certainly getting more vicious. They would never used to have done that.

Ben Landricombe:SWNSBen Landricombe/SWNS

According to The Sun a plague of supersized rats has spread across Britain in recent years.

Hide while you still can. Because very soon rats will inherit the earth. Maybe…