Real Football Commentators Dubbed Over Rocket League Is Stunning


Rocket League has undoubtedly been the smash hit of the summer. Having sold in excess of 5 million copies on Playstation 4 and PC, it’s safe to say that the indie game is pretty close to perfection. Or so we thought.

The intrepid users at YouTube channel thumbstickathletes have done us all a great service by dubbing real life commentators losing their shit over some of the game’s ridiculous goals.

Although the video below is obviously great, it’d be amazing to see footage dubbed over with Chris Kamara’s excited ramblings, Gary Neville’s awkward orgasms or Michael Owen’s… actually, forget Michael Owen.

Rocket League is available to download now on Steam or via the Playstation 4 Store, and is a hell of a way to spend your spare time.