Real Life David Vs Goliath Fight Sees Huge Bully Knocked Clean Out


Watching a video of a fight, be it in person or on the internet, is usually a weird combination of stomach churning and compelling.

That is certainly the case here, with two guys facing off after having words.

One of the guys looks like he wouldn’t be out of place in Gladiators, and the other, well the other is just a bit smaller.

However, as the saying goes, size really doesn’t matter, especially when you’re pretty handy with your fists, as the little guy was.


‘Goliath’ was knocked clean out, and while the guys might not be speaking English, it’s pretty hard not to cheer for the smaller guy.

Said smaller guy certainly comes out on top, and quite if it’s a fluke or that he’s an MMA expert and hasn’t told anyone remains to be seen, but either way, it’s pretty cool to see.

Not to mention satisfying. Very satisfying indeed.