‘Real Life Rapunzel’ Hasn’t Cut Her Hair In Fourteen Years


A Russian woman who hasn’t cut her hair for 14 years has turned into a real-life Rapunzel, with golden locks that come down to her ankles.

27-year-old Daria Gubanova, from Russia, has said that she will not cut her golden mane until it reaches her toes.

Daria started growing her hair when a friend bet her that she could not grow it long enough to braid.

Говорят, что мы похожи) They say that we are similar)

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The real-life Disney princess, who has an army of 218 thousand followers on Instagram, estimates that her hair is 1.5 metres long – that’s almost five feet!

Many of her admirers wish to follow in her footsteps commenting:

I admire the length of your hair. I am trying to grow mine, but at least another five years to go.

Others call Daria a ‘goddess’ or a ‘Barbie doll’.

#растиКосаДоПят ?✌

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In an interview with LiveLeak, Daria spoke about how she grew her hair.

She said:

I always say, that there is no secret [in my long hair]. First of all it is genetics – my mother and grandmother had long hair.

The most important thing is not to use dyes or chemicals, take care of my hair and make treatments.

Usually I use old wives’ recipes and wraps made from vegetable oil or sour cream.

Daria’s hair may be beautiful but I don’t think I’m going to be putting sour cream on mine just yet…

Emily Murray

Emily Murray

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