‘Real-Life Superhero’ Vows To Hunt Down Serial Killer In His Town

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'Real-Life Superhero' Vows To Hunt Down Serial Killer In His Townancientdemons/Facebook

A ‘real-life superhero’ has vowed to hunt down a serial killer who has been terrorizing his hometown, pledging to ‘protect the innocent at what ever cost’.

On his Facebook page, which has gained over 7,500 followers at the time of writing, vigilante ShadowVision has documented his mission to catch the serial stabber, sharing updates as well as pics of himself in full superhero get-up.


Although his true identity remains unknown, ShadowVision’s mission is to protect the Arkansas town of Little Rock against the killer, and he has vowed that he would go as far as to ‘sacrifice my own life to safe an innocent life’.

ShadowVision posing with a fanShadowVision/Facebook

The individual that ShadowVision is hunting down has been blamed for three deaths over course of the past year, as well as one violent attack, as reported by the Arkansas Times.

According to ABC7, the suspect in the murders should be considered armed and dangerous. However, this hasn’t put ShadowVision off his mission.


Taking to Facebook, ShadowVision warned:

I know that the serial stabber is keeping a eye on my page here. So this is a threat to you when I find you I will show you what I do to serial killers. I am hunting you right now.

ShadowVision, who walks around greeting fans in Little Rock in full costume, claims to have already ‘stopped a couple of armed robberies’ and to have ‘exterminated two serial killers’. However, the Arkansas Times has been unable to verify these claims.

ShadowVision posing with a fanShadowVision/Facebook

Like many comicbook superheroes, ShadowVision is keen to get himself a vehicle to zip around in, allowing him to catch up with criminals at a faster pace.

At the moment, ShadowVision’s patrols are fairly limited as he has to get around on foot. His ideal car would be a Scion as these ‘are agile and can take turns at high speed’.

ShadowVision is now raising money for his vehicle through a PayPal fundraiser, asking his fans to donate. However, not everyone is too keen on this idea, with one person deadpanning, ‘Super heroes don’t need vehicles, they fly!’

However, ShadowVision has insisted that he isn’t motivated by money, and isn’t after any reward for his efforts. All he reportedly wants is to get the killer off the streets, and to bring ‘hope’ to the people of Little Rock.


Those with any information about these attacks have been asked to contact police at 501-371-4636.

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Real Life Superhero ShadowVision/Facebook and 2 others
  1. Real Life Superhero ShadowVision/Facebook


  2. Arkansas Times

    Local superhero ShadowVision vows to take down the Little Rock slasher

  3. ABC7

    3 fatal stabbings in Little Rock appear connected, police say; suspect at large

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