Real Surgeons Try To Play Surgeon Simulator, Fail Miserably


Much in the way that many guitarists suck pretty hard at Guitar Hero, it transpires that years of formal surgical training don’t necessarily mean you’ll be any good at Surgeon Simulator 2013. 

A recent video from YouTube channel Facts to recruit three actual (no doubt very talented) surgeons, and document their hilariously awful attempts at virtual surgery.

You can check out the brilliant three minute video below – I particularly enjoy the moment when one plucky surgeon accidentally stabs himself, and chuckles heartily.

The video ends with one our medical men declaring that he’s a ‘terrible surgeon’ – I wouldn’t be quite so hard on him though, especially given that Surgeon Simulator 2013 is meant to be an absolute bastard to control.

At least I think it is… maybe it just looks that way because they really are a naff bunch of surgeons. Probably not though.