‘Refugees’ Arriving On UK Beach Confronted By Angry Racist

by : Tom Percival on : 16 Sep 2016 02:08

Brave Brits protected two ‘desperate refugees’ from a vile racist who abused them as their dinghy washed up on packed British beach, but it everything as it seems? 


The two ‘refugees’ sailed across the English Channel to claim asylum, but upon landing they were confronted by an angry man who berated the pair and tried to throw them back in the sea.

Angry sunbathers weren’t pleased with the man’s behaviour though and were quick to defend the struggling refugees, calling the man racist and even pushing him, The Mirror reports.


What they didn’t realise though is that this was all an elaborate ‘social experiment’ from obnoxious YouTube pranksters Trollstation.


The experiment was designed to see how people would react to racism and saw two paid actors pretend to be refugees while another played the role of ‘racist wanker’.


Thankfully the British beach-goers responded in the perfect way, protecting the two refugees from the hateful comments and labelling ‘racist wanker’ a ‘fucking racist’.

Things  quickly escalated though and one man even got physical with ‘racist wanker’ forcing the cameraman to let the crowd in on the joke.

I must admit I’d normally stare at a blank wall for 6 hours than watch Trollstation but this was actually quite interesting.

Tom Percival

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    'Refugees' arriving on British beach are confronted by angry racist man - how will sunbathers react?