Repair Man Can’t Believe What He Found Inside Man’s ‘Broken Fridge’


Things fall apart, says Chinua Achebe. Fridges are things, and sometimes they fall apart and become useless.

Sometimes, alike death, it just happens. An unexpected end to a fridge. Other times, treating your fridge like shit results in its demise.

This is one of those cases.

So the story goes that an appliance repair worker was called out to a house by somebody who claimed their fridge wasn’t working.

This is what the fridge looked like.


Yep, that’s probably why it aint working buster.

Posting to Reddit, the appliance repair worker, Dulthayne1730, wrote:

I work in appliance repair. The customer had called in complaining the fridge would not cool. This is what we found when we arrived.

When asked how he reacted, he added:

Obviously tried to be as nice as I could. I told him that with the condition of the fridge that it was unservicable.

He had a very tough time comprehending anything I was trying to explain but we ended up not even charging a service call to the man because it was not worth the hassle of having to explain why I would have had to charge an $89 diagnostic fee for nothing. And I wanted to get out of that house as soon as possible.

Sadly, the repair worker added that he has had to report the man to social services.

Hopefully everything get’s sorted out in the future!