Reporter Gets Absolutely Roasted By Kid Outside A Firework Shop

Fox 5

Yesterday, I wrote about my favourite YouTube video – well, what I thought was my favourite YouTube video – in which Liam Gallagher ‘predicts’ 9/11 on American TV. Who would’ve known that hours later I’d be confronted with this clip of a young kid roasting some reporter like it’s NBD?

Holy shit, this might be the best news segment of all time. One to be cryogenically frozen and preserved long after a nuclear apocalypse wipes us out.

If aliens ever do drop by, they need to see this. Forget about Mozart vinyl or pictures of wildlife. Aliens are already gonna presume we’re stupid after thinking a third world war would benefit absolutely anyone. At the very least we need to let them know that although we went out, we did so in style.

Watch as this Atlanta FOX 5 news reporter approaches some kid outside a fireworks shop only to get merked harder than all of Rio Ferdinand’s victims combined.

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Where are that sketchy kid’s parents? I’m afraid to say that one of them is probably in the video itself, judging by this party-pooping tweet.

Still, the aliens don’t need to know that.

Fox 5

Never change, fireworks kid, and fuck you weather boi.