Reporter Has Embarassing Reaction To Snowstorm On Live TV


This reporter really went the extra mile in the name of her job, but it looks like it massively backfired…

You should really spare a thought for Alexandra Koehn. She works as a reporter at U.S news station WTVF News Channel 5 and braved the elements while reporting on the snow storms that have battered Tennessee and parts of Southern Kentucky.


But during the short clip her nose started to stream a fair bit of snot, but she carried on like a boss and managed to finish the news segment.

However, that wasn’t the last she’d hear of it and the video has now gone viral. She took to Twitter to address the negative attention she’s had.

To be fair, it looks like her followers have her back…

The East Coast of American has experienced horrendous blizzards which have shut down road, rail and airline travel, with at least 10 states declaring a state of emergency.

Tennessee is suffering from extreme conditions from the Mid-Atlantic storm, dubbed ‘Snowmaggedon’.


Fair play to her for persevering…