Reporter Hit By Shrapnel From Airstrike Live On TV


This brutal video shows the horrific moment a Syrian news reporter was hit in the face by a chunk of discarded shrapnel from an airstrike in the near distance.

The reporter, known as Ebrahim al-Khateeb, was filming live in Handarat – just north of Syria’s largest city, Aleppo, but after just seconds, a loud thud in the distance can be heard, and the camera is dropped to the floor, reports the Daily Mail.

In the aftermath of the explosion, muffled groans can be heard as chaos ensues.

The camera is then picked back up, showing viewers a truly horrifying scene as Ebrahim is helped to his feet while clutching his skull as blood oozes out.


Though the journalist is able to walk to a nearby car, there is a look of understandable shock on his face as his hand wavers above his eyes and forehead and blood continues to pour out.

The news channel that Al-Khateeb works for, Orient News, an opposition-affiliated news channel, has said that he is now fortunately in a stable condition.

In the past few days, Handarat has been witness to increasing conflict as Assad regime troops have been battling with Syria’s Al-Qaeda affiliate Al-Nusra Front and other rebels.