Reporter ‘Molested’ By Football Fan In Disturbing Live Footage Prompts Investigation

by : Hannah Smith on : 29 Nov 2021 14:24
Reporter 'Molested' By Football Fan In Disturbing Live Footage Prompts InvestigationToscanaTV/YouTube/@gretabeccaglia/Instagram

Italian authorities are investigating after a female football journalist appeared to be sexually harassed by a fan during a live broadcast, sparking outrage in the country.

Greta Beccaglia was reporting live following the conclusion of a Serie A match between Empoli and Fiorentina, when a male fan walking past appeared to slap the journalist on her backside.


Beccaglia immediately confronted the fan, turning around to tell him ‘sorry, you can’t do this,’ while pointing her finger at the culprit, before continuing her link.

Yet despite taking place live on camera, the disgraceful incident was met by a surprisingly muted response by the presenters in the studio, with host Giorgio Micheletti advising Beccaglia ‘don’t take it.’

Journalist assaulted on air (dangelodario/YouTube)dangelodario/YouTube

As the clip went viral, officials have spoken out to condemn the fan’s actions as well as the apparent failure of Beccaglia’s male colleagues to adequately support her.


‘Those in the studio, instead of condemning the gesture and the molester, invited the colleague to ‘not take it.’ No words of solidarity were heard towards her from the host,’ the Order of Journalists of Tuscany said in a statement. ‘The Order reiterates that the time has come to stop minimising and remember that violence against women is above all a cultural and societal problem.’

In an interview with Corriere Dela Sera, Beccaglia said she felt ‘outraged’ and ‘violated,’ and revealed she’d been subjected to sexist insults by other fans at the game prior to the incident.

She recalled:


Everyone was screaming and I felt helpless. I was shocked by the gaze of those fans, they were ferocious, like executioners. Fans aren’t like that, they shouldn’t be like that. But do you know what hurt me too? That no one around me said anything. Everyone saw, but no one did or said anything.

According to Yahoo Sports, the shocking incident took place on the very same weekend that Italian football launched a campaign marking International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, with players sporting red smears on their cheeks as part of the ‘Give violence against women the red card’ message.

Those efforts were clearly undermined by Beccaglia’s experience, with Serie A taking to social media to issue a statement in support of the reporter.


‘Violence is expressed in many forms. We condemn them all, today and forever. Solidarity with Greta Beccaglia,’ the league said.

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  1. dangelodario/YouTube

    Greta Beccaglia molestata in diretta: giornalista di Toscana TV palpeggiata dopo Empoli-Fiorentina