Republican Governor Candidate Austin Chenge Promises To Cancel Black History Month If Elected

by : Emily Brown on : 10 Feb 2021 18:43
Republican Governor Candidate Promises To Cancel Black History Month If ElectedPA Images

Republican Austin Chenge has said he would cancel Black History Month if he is successfully elected as the governor of Michigan.

Chenge, a Black Army veteran and businessman, is running against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in the election, which will take place next year.


He announced his run in October, while Donald Trump was still in Office, and in the following months he spoke at a ‘Stop The Steal’ rally and described his Democratic opponent as a ‘dictator’ due to the restrictions she imposed amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Chenge’s controversial run continued this week, when he took to social media to describe Black History Month as ‘offensive, unfair [and] maybe illegal’.

The candidate announced he would get rid of the event altogether in Michigan if he was elected, adding: ‘Americans from all backgrounds deserve a revered history. I’ll declare American History Month.’


Cheng’s announcement is reminiscent of the phrase ‘All Lives Matter’, which is often used to counter the Black Lives Matter movement. Of course, neither Black Lives Matter nor Black History Month seek to dismiss other cultures; they simply serve to help raise awareness about important topics and issues both historical and contemporary.

If elected, Chenge would become Michigan’s first Black governor. However, he has stressed that he isn’t interested in the historical significance that would accompany his success, Michigan Radio reports.

He commented:


I don’t actually see myself as a minority, or a Black American, or a Black anything or a minority anything.

I just see myself as an American. When we start focusing on a person’s gender or race or anything that causes division, we lose our unity as Americans… If I become the governor of Michigan, I’m not going to be the first Black governor of Michigan. I’m going to be just another American governor.

Chenge’s announcement about Black History Month was met with a wealth of backlash from social media users, with many accusing Chenge of attempting to get the approval of White voters with his promises.

One person wrote:


There’s a thing called history class where white American history has ALWAYS been taught. You’re pandering for white votes.

Another commented:

Austin Chenge another sellout. How are you an African immigrant and you want to cancel black history month?


In Black History Month, We Need To Acknowledge Disparities In Reporting Crimes

published at3 months ago

Chenge’s controversial promise comes after he sparked outrage for seemingly defending the pro-Trump rioters who stormed the Capitol building on January 6, claiming the rioters were ‘overwhelmed by […] passion.’

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