Republicans Form New Committee To Reclaim Party From Trump Supporters

by : Saman Javed on : 01 Feb 2021 13:10
Republicans Form New Committee To Reclaim Party From Trump SupportersPA

A Republican politician has announced a new political action committee (PAC) to challenge the culture of ‘conspiracies and lies’ under Donald Trump’s leadership.

Adam Kinzinger, the Representative for Illinois, has launched a campaign-style video that aims to garner support for a new direction for the Republican party.


‘Hope has given way to fear. Our deep convictions are ignored. They’ve been replaced with poisonous conspiracies and lies. This is not the republican road. Now we know exactly where this new and dangerous road leads. It leads to insurrection and an armed attack on Congress. It leads to the murder of a Capitol police officer and the deaths of four of our fellow Americans,’ he says in the video.

Kinzinger is one of the 10 Republican members who voted to impeach Trump for incitement of insurrection following the violent attack on the US Capitol on January 6.


‘It was the sort of thing that happens in a failed nation. America must never again have a day like that. It’s time to unplug the outrage machine, reject the politics of personality and cast aside the conspiracy theories and the rage,’ the video continues.


In an interview with CNN, Kinzinger said he had cast his vote knowing full well it could be ‘terminal’ to his career.

‘But I also knew that I couldn’t live with myself having, you know, try to just protect it and just felt like the one time I was called to do a really tough duty, I didn’t do it,’ he said.

At the end of the video, Kinzinger urges Republican supporters to join his ‘Country First’ PAC and ‘take back’ the party.

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Following his vote to impeach Trump, Kinzinger revealed his family had disowned him. In a recent interview, he told Business Insider his father’s cousin had sent him a certified letter ‘saying they disowned me because I’m the devil’s army now’.

In another interview with Politico, he said he had been dismayed to see Republican politicians condemn Trump’s actions following the 2020 election, only to shrink back when it came to the impeachment vote.

Last week, 45 Republican senators voted to declare Trump’s impeachment unconstitutional. The vote means that even if his impeachment goes to trial, it is likely the former president will be acquitted.

‘I was disappointed over the last few weeks to see what seemed like the Republican Party waking up and then kind of falling asleep again and saying, ‘Well, you know, what matters if we can win in two years and we don’t want to tick off the base’,’ Kinzinger said.


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