Republicans Think Trump Supporters Face More Discrimination Than Black People, According To Poll

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Republicans Think Trump Supporters Face More Discrimination Than Black People, According To PollPA

Donald Trump supporters in the United States believe they are discriminated against more than Black people, a poll has found.

According to the survey by The Economist and YouGov, 40% of Republicans said they had experienced ‘a great deal’ of discrimination, while a further 35% claimed to have suffered a ‘fair amount’.


By stark comparison, 17% of Republicans said there was ‘not much’ discrimination, while just 9% said there was ‘none at all’.

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The results come after participants were asked, ‘How much discrimination do the following people face in America today?’

However, the results were startlingly different when the Republicans responded regarding the discrimination suffered by Black people living in the states.


Just 14% of the same group of people said they believed that Black Americans face ‘a great deal’ of discrimination, while 35% said they believed Black Americans receive ‘a fair amount’.

Meanwhile, 39% of Republicans said they thought there wasn’t much discrimination for Black people in the US, while 13% said there was ‘none at all’.

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However, it was followers of Donald Trump in particular, rather than those who simply belong to the Republican Party, who said they believed they were more likely to experience some kind of discrimination for their beliefs.


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A total of 49% of Republican responders said Trump supporters are likely to suffer ‘a great deal’ of discrimination, while 35% said they felt ‘a fair amount.’

Unsurprisingly, the Republican responses were vastly different from those submitted by Black Americans; with 76% saying they had experienced ‘a great deal’ of discrimination in the US, while 17% said a ‘fair amount’.

Meanwhile, just 9% said Black Americans receive ‘not much’ discrimination, and not a single person said there was ‘none at all’.

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The results come in the wake of the news that Republican lawmakers are introducing stringent new election laws, which are widely believed to be discriminatory to Black people.

Just yesterday, March 25, the governor of Georgia, Brian Kemp, passed a bill that means Black voters are more likely to face stricter ID checks.

It’s well documented that Black communities are likely to face much longer voting queues, and now Georgian Republicans have made it illegal for anyone to hand out drinks or food of any kind to those waiting to cast their vote.

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