‘Rescuing’ Matt Damon In So Many Movies Has Cost An Incredible Amount

The Martian

Most insurers allegedly place the value of a human life at $50,000 (roughly £33,500), but they clearly have never put a policy in place for one of Matt Damon’s characters.

No, the total that has fictionally been spent on rescuing many of Damon’s movie parts is far higher than that, around 18 million times higher actually.

The figure was worked out by Quora user Kynan Eng, who has tallied the real costs of making films where Damon needed saving, the fictional costs of those missions, and compared that to what his films have actually brought back in.

Kynan Eng/Quora

$900 billion (roughly £604 billion)? Wow, Hollywood really does not want Matt Damon’s characters to die.

I don’t know whether I am more surprised at the astonishing fictional cost to rescue him, or that I hadn’t realised he was typecast as a musclebound damsel in distress with such frequency.

Saving Private Ryan

Mind you, if these films have grossed $2.7 billion (approx. £1.8 billion) it isn’t hard to see why. Who’d kill a cash cow like that?