Resident Evil 2 Fan Remake Team Working On New Survival Horror



Before Capcom announced their own Resident Evil 2 remake, there was actually a team of fans working hard on their own. 

Of course, once Capcom revealed that they had their own zombiefied bun in the oven, the fan project had to be shut down – timing is everything.

Obviously this was a shame – we’ve seen nothing of Capcom’s yet, but the fan effort (re-done in the over the shoulder style of Resident 4) looked awesome, as you can see below.

But sometimes things have to fall apart to make way for new and better things, as fan developer Invader Studios has teamed up with former Capcom designer Satoshi Nakai to create an entirely new horror game called Daymare: 1998.

The third person survival horror is clearly inspired by Resident Evil 4, and Nakai’s previous credits include Resident Evil 0 and Code Vernonica – surely a match made in heaven?

Check out the announcement trailer below.

I’ll be honest – if the Resi 2 fan remake getting shut down means we get something entirely new, then I’m glad it happened. As with the cancelled remake, Daymare runs in Unreal Engine 4 and looks incredible.

Invader says Daymare will boast a storylines for multiple characters, and will be packed with references to ’90s pop culture and horror movies – check out a few screens below.

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Daymare: 1998 is set to come to PC, but no release date has been announced just yet. Meanwhile, the world waits for Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake.