Resident Evil 2 Reinvented With Incredible Looking Fan Mod


Resident Evil 2 remains one of the best survival horror games out there, and an intrepid modder has managed to take the classic zombie romp and craft an entirely new adventure from it. It’s free too, which is always great.

Resident Evil: Mortal Night adapts the PC version of Resident Evil 2 and adds a new story, new mechanics, and new challenges. If you’ve played Resi 2 to death, this is your chance to get a little more out of it.

Naturally, you’ll still be exploring the streets of Raccoon City in the midst of a zombie outbreak, but Mortal Night is keeping things fresh.

For starters, Nemesis has been placed into the game to ruin your day. Nemesis of course was the unstoppable killing machine that stalked players throughout Resident Evil 3, so his inclusion is bound to brown some trousers.

We’ve also got zombies that can run rather than shamble towards you, and a few familiar characters from the franchise set to pop up throughout the storyline. Check out the trailer below.

The developer also promises a hardcore level of difficulty, a shit load of enemies (from beginning to end, you can kill about 250-300 enemies), a new soundtrack and three unlockable endings.

But perhaps most important, is the vow to deliver a classic survival horror atmosphere, which is more than the last few actual Resident Evil games can boast. Grab some aloe vera for that sick burn, Capcom.