Resident Evil 7’s Infamous Dummy Finger Puzzle Finally Solvable

by : Ewan Moore on : 06 Dec 2016 09:43


Ever since Sony released the demo for Resident Evil 7, gamers have been going crazy trying to work out what the mysterious dummy finger item does. 


Thankfully, a recent update to the survival horror demo finally gives this creepy bit of kit a purpose. Eurogamer then discovered the somewhat convoluted series of steps needed to make use of the item.

Check out the handy video below for a step-by-step guide on what to do to get the ‘best ending’ in the demo.

In true Resident Evil fashion, this 34 (yes, 34) step plan is a mix of frustratingly vague and blindingly obvious tasks.


Really, there’s no possible way the average gamer could crack the code without some help from the internet, similar to the bizarre series of steps you needed to follow in P.T to unlock the ending with Norman Reedus.

To go over everything you need to do here would take a pretty long time, so your best bet is to watch the above video or track down some other wise YouTube shaman.

Certain players have reported following the steps listed doesn’t work, while others claim they were able to skip certain steps and still get to the end of the demo – whatever the case, you do need to start a new game before you attempt the true ending.


In a nutshell, the puzzle revolves around tracking down five creepy sound effects, all of which lead to a new blood splattered door in the attic.

Here, you’ll find a message telling you what a great player you are, as you make your escape from the Baker family via the attic, unharmed and uninfected.

Oh, there’s also a ‘dirty coin’ hidden in the attic room which can be transferred to the main game for an extra Easter egg. Guess we’ll find out what that does on January 24.

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